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17/1 Malaya Ordynka Str., Moscow, 119017
Phone: +7(495)772-95-90*22237
Email: wec@hse.ru

School Head Igor A. Makarov
Academic Supervisor Leonid M. Grigoryev
Deputy Head Olga Klochko
Manager Olga Mulenko
World Economy Section Petr Mozias
Section of Energy and Raw Material Market Valery A. Krukov
World Trade Section Alexey Portanskiy
Section of Global Economic Regulation Vladimir N. Zuev


World Economy and International Business Theories, Trends, and Challenges

Aleshin D., Apanovich M., Arapova E. et al.

Springer, 2023.

Book chapter
Global Economic Governance and International Economic Organizations

Zuev V. N., Ostrovskaya E., Simonova M.

In bk.: World Economy and International Business Theories, Trends, and Challenges. Springer, 2023. Ch. 27. P. 563-583.

Working paper
Why Do Japanese MNEs Enter and Exit Foreign Markets?

Deseatnicov I., Fujii D., Kucheryavyy K. et al.

RIETI Discussion Paper Series 20-E-055. RIETI DP. Research Institute of Economy, Trade & Industry, 2020. No. 20-E-055.

“The price ceiling is the world Gosplan” – an interview with Leonid M. Grigoryev

Leonid M. Grigoryev, Academic Supervisor, Professor of the School of World Economy, took part in the program “Economics and Finance” with Alexei Mamontov on modern trends in the development of the world economy.

Key topics of the interview:

  • “Price ceiling” for Russian oil;
  • What is happening in the oil and gas market;
  • The World Economy and the Thucydides Trap;
  • Where is the economy of the USA, Europe, China and Russia going?
  • We have become "extra people" on the planet – was Harry Harrison right? 

You can watch the interview at the link.