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17/1 Malaya Ordynka Str., Moscow, 119017
Phone: +7(495)772-95-90*22237
Email: wec@hse.ru

School Head Igor A. Makarov
Academic Supervisor Leonid M. Grigoryev
Deputy Head Olga Klochko
Manager Olga Mulenko
World Economy Section Petr Mozias
Section of Energy and Raw Material Market Valery A. Krukov
World Trade Section Alexey Portanskiy
Section of Global Economic Regulation Vladimir N. Zuev


World Economy and International Business Theories, Trends, and Challenges

Aleshin D., Apanovich M., Arapova E. et al.

Springer, 2023.

Book chapter
The future of active ageing and related needs for research

Oxana Sinyavskaya.

In bk.: A Research Agenda for Ageing and Social Policy. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2024. Ch. 5. P. 83-98.

Working paper
What helps improve outcomes of industrial policy?

Yakovlev A. A., Freinkman L., Ershova N. V. et al.

QoG Working Paper Series. 2023:19. University of Gothenburg, 2023. No. 19.

Leonid M. Grigoryev's comment about the book “The Game of William Shakespeare, or the Secret of the Great Phoenix” for IQ.HSE

Leonid M. Grigoryev, Academic Supervisor, Professor of the School of World Economy, shared his impressions about the book “The Game of William Shakespeare, or the Secret of the Great Phoenix” with the scientific and educational portal IQ.HSE.

115 years ago, Roger Manners, 5th Earl of Rutland, appeared among the candidates for the authors of Shakespeare's works. This was suggested in 1907 by the German literary critic Karl Bleibtreu. And in Russia, 90 years later, with the same answer to the “Shakespearean question”, Ilya Gililov's book “The Game about William Shakespeare, or the Secret of the Great Phoenix” was published. The work is innovative, polemical, similar to “the hard labor of an archaeologist who discovered London's poetic Pompeii,” says Leonid M. Grigoryev. “The reader of this book,” he says, “does not have to choose what he loves more: detective, mystery or conspiracy – it's all three in one!” 

You can read the preprint at the link.